Get it right first time!

Evert was asked to participate as a faculty member with an international team of experts at a webinar organised by The People's University, Bhopal, India on 28 June 2020.

This educational meeting was assembled to discuss the methodology known as GIRFT - 'get it right first time', a system aimed at improving and enhancing the quality of care delivered in hip replacement. GIRFT is supported by British Orthopaedic Association.

The faculty gave a series of presentations that discussed how to plan, execute and operate to minimise complications and optimise outcomes in total hip replacement. Faculty members were: Professors Rajesh Malhotra and Harish Rao (India); Derek Bennett (Ireland); Mez Acharya, Professor David Beverland, Shiva Gopal, Verne Johnson, Evert Smith, Professor Johan Witt (UK); and Alok Bansal (Ukraine).

Evert's presentation was on the work of the ODEP Orthopaedic Data Evaluation Panel which is concerned with monitoring the performance of joint implants and implementing NICE National Instiutute for Health and Care Excellence guidelines; and Beyond Compliance, a service directed at supporting the safe and stepwise introduction of new or modified implantable medical devices in the UK. 

Many similar seminars were cancelled as the world locked down to reduce the spread of Coronavirus, so this was a great opportunity to be involved in a safe educational gathering.

The organisers are to be commended on the excellent programme.