4th Meet the Masters of the Sarathi Superspeciality Orthopaedic Centre - 6 November 2021

Thanks to The Sarathi Superspeciality Orthopaedic Centre (SSOC) in Bangaluru for organising the 4th Meet the Masters International conference which was broadcast in India and the UK.  

The subject of the seminar was optimum cup position in hip replacement surgery and I presented on my experience of robotic surgery, debating this from the perspective of the orthopaedic manufacturer, the surgeon and the patient. 

Robotics is still in its infancy where orthopaedics is concerned and there is no doubt that a surgeon’s hands on experience in the theatre setting is still a vital component in ensuring good patient outcomes. 

I was also asked to present on the history of The Bristol Hip Arthroplasty Course and look forward to my Indian colleagues joining us for the seminar later this month.