An Afternoon with Alexander McCall-Smith by Evert Smith

I was invited by the High Commissioner of Botswana in the UK, the Reverend Dr. G.N. Seakgosing, to enjoy an afternoon with famous author Alexander McCall-Smith, who immortalises Botswana in his book series, The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency. 

The Programme Director, Ms Tshepo Maphanyane, organised a warm and welcoming afternoon devoted to raising awareness of Botswana as a place to live, to trade and to visit.  

In conversation with Ms Bame Moremong, Mr McCall-Smith described his fondness and deep affection not only for the country that is Botswana, but for its beauty and the harmonious and respectful culture that exists within it. When asked for a few words to relate his feelings he said, quite simply, that Botswana is a place where ‘human decency is possible’.    

Following presentations by investment and trade ministers, guests enjoyed several outstanding cultural dishes prepared and presented by celebrity chef Joseph Seeletso, a native of Botswana, now living in Poland. 

Since it’s independence from Great Britain in 1966, Botswana has become a place that is the envy of the world. It was a great pleasure to enjoy some warm and welcoming Botswana hospitality - in keeping with the true nature of the Botswana people. 

Botswana undoubtedly is a hidden secret of Africa!