Charity Director's Busy Week

Evert Smith speaking at conferenceOur Charity Director has had a busy week having given three presentations, in three different countries, in just eight days.

Updating the knowledge on complex hip replacement at the Mayo Arthroplasty Conference in Wesport, Northern Ireland, Evert Co-chaired the Technology Showcase session and presented on extensive exposure to the hip in a session devoted to Special Situations. His presentation provided an overview of different exposures to the hip. In light of updated knowledge on this topic, he emphasised the necessity to ensure that the surgical plan is carefully crafted to suit each individual patient in order to achieve the best patient outcome.

In a series of lectures at The Clifton Club, Bristol, entitled ‘Modern Medicine in 45 Minutes’ organised to educate people about medical matters that many of us are faced with every day, Evert provided a talk entitled: ‘Let's take a walk; new joints for old in the lower limb’. Here he provided insight about lower limb arthroplasty in an accessible manner to assist his audience gain some perspective about what is involved in lower limb joint replacement.

In what was a double first for Evert, he delivered an educational presentation via video link, at the 1st International Hip and Knee Arthroplasty Symposium - Aga Khan University, Karachi. This talk was intended to assist the audience on how to decide whether the surgeon should use cemented or uncemented fixation when performing a hip replacement. His presentation was well received, and a lively debate followed. The conference was a great success and in order to ensure he can attend in person next year, he has been invited to attend as a faculty member to the 2nd Conference in 2019.

It’s all go for Evert…