Claridge's Charity Reception

Arthroplasty for Arthritis Charity held a reception on 3 July 2014. This was a truly ‘grand' affair that took place in the elegant setting of Claridge's in Mayfair. This marvellous venue made the event a very special occasion.
Claridges Hotel

We launched a video at the reception depicting the rationale and drive behind Arthroplasty for Arthritis research and development into joint replacements. Click here to look at the video. The production work for the video was donated by Taxi Studio Bristol. We are grateful to Alex Bane, Hannah Bartholomew and Ellie Wilson for giving their time and expertise to create the video and other promotional material.

We were privileged to have the internationally renowned author, Jeffrey Archer, with us for the evening. Jeffrey is an accomplished charity auctioneer who deftly conducted our fund-raising auction and raffle, which were most popular with our guests.

One of the auction items was a total hip replacement prosthesis that had been tastefully decorated by a talented young contemporary artist called Gemma Compton. Gemma donated this insightful piece of artwork, which captivated the fragility of arthritis as a disease through the concept of bone china.


Natalie Smith, Oliver Gerish and Alexandra Kennedy gave a superb musical performance. Such talented performers! Thanks to all three for their contribution to a great evening.

Charity Patrons Lady Elizabeth Anson, Sir Peter Walters, Dr Roy Ackerman and Wayne Sleep were present and we enjoyed the company of some notable guests including Jane Asher, Gerald Scarfe, Debbie Moore of Pineapple Studios, the Earl of Inchcape, Sir John Kemp Welch, Kurt Ritter of Rezidor Hotels, Sir Robert Malpass and Her Royal Highness Princess Tessy of Luxembourg, as well as South African Rugby legend Tommy Bedford.

We thank everyone who so kindly gave of his or her time to help Arthroplasty for Arthritis Charity. We would particularly like to acknowledge the Tompkins Foundation with sincere gratitude. Without their sponsorship we would not have been able to hold this event.

The evening was a very great success and although we are a young charity, we are continuing to raise our profile.

Arthroplasty For Arthritis Claridges Reception Poster

We recognise Procter + Stevenson, Bristol for producing the Auction Brochures and we thank all individuals and organisations for so generously donating the fantastic prizes for the auction and raffle.