Orthopaedic Practice and Covid-19

Another valuable video conference hosted by the Geriatric Orthopaedic Association of India (GOSICON) to discuss ‘Evolving Global Orthopaedic Practices Amidst CoViD 19 Pandemic and Beyond’. 

Charity Director, Evert, joined an international Faculty to discuss the specific challenges faced by surgeons working in the orthopaedic sector. New regimes implemented to protect medical teams working in Covid-19 circumstance, and the adaptions that will be made in the way the surgical environment is managed moving forward were the key topics.

Outside of the clinical and surgical setting, Evert’s been busy writing an academic paper entitled: The Year of the Mask - Challenges in Orthopaedic Surgery. Currently in the peer review stage, the paper discusses the evolution, global impact and trajectory of Covid-19, from the healthcare perspective. It highlights the role of the internet in enabling on-line consultations and focusses on the infection risk to surgical teams in the operating room scenario. It discusses the challenges and burden that the healthcare industry faces in the future, throughout the world.  

We wish everyone of our supporters safe passage as we proceed through the Covid-19 ‘stay alert’ phase of social distancing.